Athletes, are you Looking for That Extra Edge?

Written by Ann Winters

If you play any type of sport such as baseball, soccer, running, or even rugby then you know that energy, stamina, and focus is an absolute must.

Losing your edge in the middle of the game definitely isn’t the best situation to be in. Let’s talk about how you can improve, increase energy levels, and go further.

Strength and Endurance Training

You may already know that training can be extremely beneficial when it comes to athleticism. Various types of training can help you gain strength, stamina, and endurance.

The more you practice, the better you get.

A few sports related exercises you can perform are as follows:

  • Exercises for baseball players- Farmers walk, face pulls, push-ups, running, jump squats, and planks.
  • Exercises for football players- Push-ups, side planks, walking lunges, running, squats, and tricep dips.
  • Exercises for rugby players- Squats, crunches, pull-ups, running, jumping lunges, and leg raises.
  • Exercises for soccer players- Sprints, planks, mountain climbers, squats, and walking lunges.

Getting Enough Sleep

In this face paced and busy world we live in, I think it’s safe to say that most people don’t get enough sleep. This can be detrimental to your performance if you are an athlete.

Sleep is the body’s way of recovering, healing, and it also resets everything. HGH production is heightened during sleep. This is also the time when cortisol levels are decreased. Cortisol is known as the stress hormone. When these levels rise and stay elevated this can lead to fat accumulation in the body, especially around the mid-section.

Sleep deprived individuals can suffer great consequences over the long term including heart disease, high blood pressure, weakened immune system, memory problems, weight gain, depression, and even hallucinations.

Sleep deprivation can also make an individual more accident prone, this is especially bad for sports performance.

Upping Your Game With NiacinMax

NiacinMax is a niacin supplement that improves endurance, energy, focus, and strength. NiacinMax promotes the production of HGH in the body. This is also known as Human Growth Hormone and it’s responsible for bone and muscle growth, body composition, and also fat and sugar metabolizing.

By increasing the body’s natural production of HGH, you will increase lean muscle and bone density. Also, those with higher levels of HGH in their body’s, naturally have a lower body fat percentage.

NiacinMax also increases blood flow in the body. This allows the blood to carry much needed nutrients to the working muscles and an increase of oxygen and other nutrients to the brain. The result is more energy, faster recovery, and an ability to perform longer and stronger.

An increased blood flow means better brain function- The brain needs oxygen and other nutrients to work properly and NiacinMax is proven to increase the production of oxygen rich red blood cells.

Faster recovery time- With an increase in nutrient-rich blood circulating throughout the body, your muscles will receive and utilize these nutrients more quickly and efficiently.

NiacinMax will improve your mental and physical edge during game time. Make faster decisions, have quicker reactions, and gain the edge over your opponents.