Motivation for Runners

At some point when you have been running for some time you are likely to get bored or lose motivation. It’s inevitable but you should not let it spoil your progress. There are some simple things you can do to regain your motivation and supercharge your running programme so you feel back on top again.

1. Set goals

If you find that motivation is lacking you could enter a race that is coming up within the next couple of months. Once you’ve signed up you have something to focus on and it’s likely that you’ll want to do your best. If the race is a bit longer than you’re used to even better, as this challenge will give you extra motivation to stick to your programme.

2. Join a group or find a running buddy

Running on your own can get boring and if you are a sociable kind of person you may feel lonely. If you run with another person or in a group you may find your motivation coming back. If you have similar goals you can encourage each other to stick with the programme and enjoy a bit of fun and company along the way.

3. Listen to music

Without a doubt a good set of motivating songs on your MP3 player can enhance your running programme. Choose songs that you know will enliven you and get you going. There’s no need to stop at music, some people listen to audio books or podcasts as they run and it can be a great way to catch up on books or news and workout at the same time.

4. Create variety

If you run the same route each time you train you’re likely to find yourself becoming bored and unmotivated. Try to plan a variety of routes for a few weeks to see if this helps you get your motivation back.

Also change the pace at which you run, so some days plan long runs, other days plan runs that focus on speed and choose different terrains if these are available to you. With a wider variety of options each run will seem different and have it’s own purpose. You’ll soon get your motivation back and improve different aspects of your running in the process.

5. Anticipate plateaus

With running the initial results come quickly and this can provide great motivation however after some time of running regularly you’ll start to feel that you have made little or no progress. It’s important to know that this feeling happens to every runner and is not uncommon. Make sure your diet is adequate and that you are getting enough rest and make changes if need be.

If you anticipate these plateaus you will know not to let them trouble you. Patience is key here and you just have to go with the plateaus, eventually they will lift and if you vary your program and set yourself some running challenges you will soon find yourself back to your best form.

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