Contrast shower against cellulite

Written by Ann Winters

In a battle to control, prevent, and reduce cellulite, contrast showers have been a popular method among women. Contrast showers indicate the switching or changing of temperature from hot to cold water and back again. Though contrast showers might seem uncomfortable, the idea is that the temperature fluctuations can detoxify and improve the immune system and the circulatory system. The rushing of back and forth of blood and the bodily reactions to the temperature seem to stimulate the skin and generate healthy activity.

In addition, the detoxification, stimulation, and changing blood flow, can then lead to less cellulite, which is the characterized by the “rippling” of the skin surface. Many people report less cellulite after several series of shower for a given period of time. Several showers per week for several weeks are often recommended. Exact recommendations vary, however, it is clear that several per week over a number of weeks usually deliver the anticipated results.

The reason for cellulite on the skin is not fully known, although it is prevalent in women after puberty. It is also more prevalent in those that are overweight, who don’t exercise, and eat fatty foods. The reasoning is that the layer of fat just below the skin ripples due to connective tissue. The shower may stimulate the connective tissue to relax and appear smooth.

The contrast shower is not a new activity. It has been used in other arenas and for other methods. For example, a contrast shower is often used to help the recovery of rigorous exercising and stretching.  The theory behind this is that the temperature changes serve to reduce or remove the lactic acid left behind in the muscles. The less lactic acid, the less soreness in the muscle – and the less time it takes to recover. Therefore, it is sometimes used by trainers or athletes.

There are various methods of the contrast shower. For example, one way to do this would be to have a hot shower for 2 minutes, then 1 minute cold, and repeated. You may want to do this many time. Often, repeating this cycle five times is usually followed.

Other methods may include:

  • 2 minutes of warm/hot shower, followed by 1 minute of a cold shower
  • 1 minute of warm/hot shower, followed by 1 minute of cold shower
  • Repeat three times3-5 times.

Whether the water is hot or cold, the person should do what is only comfortable. Scalding may occur if the person uses very hot water. A very cold shower, on the other hand, will lead the person to be very uncomfortable. It is recommended that the changing temperatures should only be done at a point which is bearable.  Of course, results may vary. The contrast shower may be beneficial when working with several other factors, diet, exercise, and massages.

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