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What Is Mindful Eating And How Can It Help You

Written by Ann Winters

As you go about your diet program, one thing that you need to be especially sure to pay attention to is mindful eating.

Many people will spend a high amount of time making sure that their dietary intake is right on the mark.  They make sure that they’re taking in the precise number of calories they need to be each day in order to see top notch results and then also make sure that they have the perfect amount of proteins, carbs, and dietary fats in their plan as well.

But still, some fail to take into account mindful eating.  As such, despite the fact they have this ‘perfect’ diet all figured out, try as they might, they just can’t stick to it.

Let’s walk you through what mindful eating is and how this could be the key to weight loss success.

What Mindful Eating Is

What mindful eating essentially stands for is eating in a way where you actually pay attention to the foods you’re consuming.

If you stop and look back at all the meals you’ve had over the course of the day, how many of them were consumed with a distraction present?

Whether it was the TV, Internet, or you were reading the paper or a magazine, most people these days don’t just eat.  They eat and do something else. Multi-tasking has become a way of life.

The bad thing about this however is that all this multi-tasking means you’re feeling less satisfied from your meals, thus not only are you more likely to continue eating past the point of fullness, but if you aren’t psychologically satisfied after a meal, you’re more likely to go back for another type of food shortly after.

Since calorie intake is the primary determinant of weight loss progress, this can be devastating to the results that you see.

How Mindful Eating Helps

So how can mindful eating help you see faster results?  The first way this process is going to help you improve your rate of fat loss is because it’s going to help reduce your food cravings.

When you actually stop and enjoy the foods you’re eating, you won’t that you have as much desire for sweets and other junk foods as you’ll enjoy each meal that much more.

In addition to this, mindful eating will also help you recognize your body’s internal cues better regarding when you are actually full during the meal.

If you can stop eating just a few minutes ahead of where you normally would across three meals during the day, this could easily save you close to 500 calories per day.  That in itself equates to a one pound weight loss per week.

Add Mindful Eating To Your Diet

So how can you add mindful eating to your diet?

First, do nothing but sit and eat when meal time comes around.  Turn off the TV, the computer, and put the book away.

Then, really focus on the sensations the food is giving you.  Focus on the taste and texture, enjoying every bite.  Put your fork down between bites to help slow down the process (and prevent you from eating so quickly you don’t even realize you’ve had a meal), and relax.

If you can start making meal times more like the above scenario, you’ll easily find that you can stick to your diet without a problem.  And, if hunger is still an issue for you, add a hunger suppressant such as Phen 375 to help out in that regard.  With mindful eating and this supplement working together, weight loss will see far easier than it did in the past.

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